by Melissa (Laura) at 3:22 PM
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So the new survival spawn is in place (with shops on the corners) and I'm setting up a list of shop items.

I have one corner for selling, two corners for buying, and one corner will be for enchantments etc.

Is there anything specific you guys would like to see in the sell/buy shops?

Let me know, I'm doing it today and tomorrow!!!
by xaneo001 at 9:33 AM
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So Mojang has released 1.9.2 and has not made it compatible with other 1.9 versions so that means were starting again at square 1 on updates! This still should be faster as it doesn't contains full version update but its still enough to erk every server owner that runs a MC Community!
by Melissa (Laura) at 1:46 AM
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Survival is up!!
For now it is on basic status,
-factions will be added soon, and as usual, it will be a pvp/raiding world.
-There is talk of a second survival world in the works that would be non-factions also raiding.
Glitches and bug reports are very appreciated!

Creative is up:
----World edit works mostly, right now it does not function on the new 1.9 blocks.
-Brush commands are not functioning currently
-Copy and Paste is not functioning properly

Lobby is glitchy:
-has been experiencing lag
-is being updated and worked on

All worlds are being worked on in the staff's spare time, any plugin recommendations should go to the suggestions section of the forums, and bug reports/errors/glitches should be in complaints section.
Patience is appreciated, we hope to see you all online!

(Emergencies such as the server going down, or severe glitching, may be reported in message to an owner or director on forums or in a social media you have their contact on. I can personally be...
by xaneo001 at 8:15 PM
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Update on EpikCraft 1.9 progress:

Creative is back up for playing.

At this time it should run properly, any bugs or issues should be reported in complaints section with details on what's malfunctioning.

Some plugins have been removed until further notice, including player colours.

They have been removed because they either aren't functioning yet, or have not been updated to 1.9 yet. These plugins will be re-added, the world is in a trial run you could say.

Some of the plugins will be replaced with new ones since some of them won't be updating.

Plugins will be updated and re-instated, and progress updates will continue.

Survival world will be worked on, updated, and redone as soon as possible.

Patience is very much appreciated.

Spigot and other updates will be worked on throughout this week, please report bugs as soon as you find them so that they can get fixed quicker.

Thank you players for your patience!

-The staff
by xaneo001 at 9:10 PM
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Epikcraft will be down while it's being updated to 1.9

Updates on progress and timelines will be posted as they are received.

Until Epik is updated, the server will be down.
Forums and Teamspeak may also go down.

When updated, the survival world will most likely be reset, and some plugins may not be updated online to 1.9 yet so some features of the worlds may not be available until further notice.

This all should hopefully not take too long and Epikcraft will be brought back up as soon as possible!

Thanks for your patience, Players!
by xaneo001 at 2:26 AM
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As many are aware MineCraft has released 1.9 we will be updating this weekend if all goes right. The server and bungeecord platforms. Be prepared for new features as when we do these major updates we like to add in new things. there is a possibility that the survival server will be reset due to release as well as adding in new features for pvp on that server.
by xaneo001 at 9:38 PM
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2] Keep swearing/Inappropriate language in moderation.
Swearing is allowed, in moderation. You may curse, however, try to keep it to minimal swearing, and not directed at a fellow player. "Respect all players" still applies, and any sort of abusive swearing will be punished. Harsh language in excessive will be given a warning. (Such as swearing every sentence/constant swearing) Any sort of spamming cursing will be warned or muted, as dubbed needed by a staff member. Racism is still not tolerated, and racial slurs/discriminatory slurs, should still be monitored. Rules apply to signs, private messaging, and chat.

Check the server rules for updates on rules: as of 2/27/2016, the cursing/swearing rule is partially revoked. Rule number 2 states that now. Check below topic for details on limiting and exceptions.


Approved By Owner Xaneo001 2/27/2016
by xaneo001 at 8:26 PM
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Need suggestions for what you guys would like to see in the new survival/factions server! The current survival server will remain up even after we put up the new factions server btw!
by xaneo001 at 7:27 PM
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We have been updating the Bungee Server getting ready for expansion for future servers.

  • Updated Server List To Latest Version
  • Updated Bungee Kick
  • Removed multiple listener since this function is no longer being used.
  • Updated MCBan's Bridge
  • Updated Yalmer For Extended functionality.
by xaneo001 at 1:13 PM
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Data Center has reported that they are experiencing network stability issues no eta has been announced. This stability issue was noted last night around 7pm Central US time.